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Likuliku Lagoon Resort Fiji  
Once upon a time across the bluest 
of oceans, an island was born of 
lava and sand -- an untouched 
paradise whose heart was a 
turquoise lagoon of unimaginable 
beauty and tranquility. The first 
visitors came and explored. To 
honor the magic of the place, 
they named it "Likuliku", meaning 
"calm waters".  

Likuliku Lagoon Resort Fiji is a haven of subtle luxury and the first and only resort in Fiji with over water bures. It is a unique and special place designed with integrity to Fijian cultural values, traditional designs and architecture, and is embraced by the renowned warmth of the Fijian people.  

From the water it looks like an ancient village, so traditional is the style. The beating heart of the Resort is a magnificent building in the design of a Fijian canoe house. Surrounded by sprawling ceilings, hand-woven thatch and an exotic mix of natural materials and modern elements, Likuliku embodies the richness of an ancient culture with vibrant present-day lifestyle touches.

Malolo Island Fiji    
An idyllic island paradise where you 
can escape the stress of modern 
living and relax amongst golden 
sandy beaches, abundant coral 
reefs, swaying coconut palms and 
azure seas. 

Malolo is an intimate, rustic resort.
It's about a bure near the beach, 
surrounded by the world's 
friendliest people with a living and 
authentic culture. You will be served 
by the descendants of villagers who have lived there for thousands of years, offering true Fijian hospitality. 

Perfect for families and couples alike, at Malolo, you can fill your day with a myriad of activities or simply unwind and do nothing at all. 

100% owned by a local Fijian family, Malolo is all about reconnecting with family and friends without the distractions of "mod-cons". Just the sounds of the coconut trees swaying and the ocean lapping the shore, under the bluest of skies by day and a blanket of stars by night. 

We believe, Malolo is the way the world should be.

Vanuatu Tourist Office
Vanuatu is an archipelago of 83 islands in the South Pacific with a unique blend of intact tribal communities, resorts, beaches and geography ranging from accessible volcanoes to pristine underwater environments, offering unique and memorable experiences. 

Vanuatu is within easy reach. It's been right in front of you all along, waiting to be discovered. So take time out, breath and explore Vanuatu where you will discover what matters. With a tropical pace, slow down, immerse yourself, and be in the moment, alone or together with ones you love. Take time to reconnect with yourself, with nature, make new friends and share in their laughter. Discover what really matters and discover Vanuatu.

Please use the Vanuatu Tourism Office website: 
The website will help you plan an itinerary, make you feel at home, allow you to choose the right accommodation to fit your price range, recommend experiences, and share laughter when you get here -- just don't forget to add the hashtag #DiscoverVanuatu in all your social media posts! 

Lukim yu! (See you)

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